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So, for those that don't know we decided to let my mom's patients choose the name for the hedgehog.

Again I don't know if you all know but she works exclusively with patients with Dementia disorders so most are functional in almost every way but are in a nursing home because they can't live alone and either don't have family or their children or grandchildren in many cases can't be home to care for them. Her patients are very lucky because this is a very high priced private facility that doesn't accept Medicare or Medicaid so most every is private pay at a place charging $400-600 a day depending on the number of services required (technically her building is assisted living not a. Nursing home. It's BS they do nursing home work but it screws over both staff and patients as well as gets around a lot state regulations so they manage to keep just enough high functioning patients to qualify). And because of the type of patients they get a lot, not all, but considerably more than other places she's worked, of involved families. One husband of a patient who died just before Christmas for the year his wife was there was in all day every day, since the front doors are locked for obvious reasons in a memory care building and you have to be buzzed in when his wife was napping which could be a large part of the day, he'd sit at the little desk near the door and let people in for the staff. He overstepped his bounds occasionally and corrected staff behavior but he's 85 and was a VP at Ford for Twenty years old habits...but his wife died as I said but he still comes in twice a week and helps to feed other patients that need help eating because he knows the building is understaffed (see claiming it's an Assisted Living but giving them nursing home patients), also they have a small patio that's fenced off so the patients can go outside when they want as long as the weather is nice. But the "main campus" never gives the memory care building their share of the funds to well do anything unless they raise a huge fuss. Which means that area is just an empty slab with some dirt sround the fence. Or that's what it was last year. This year this man came in and planted some flowers himself but before he could start that he hired a landscaping company to go in and make sure the dirt was dug up and topsoil putin where necessary and planted some small shrubs. He spent nearly $100 on this patio for the residents.

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So we picked up Bella on Saturday afternoon at the same time as another family. Ashley, the breeder said we were getting the most laid back of the two available litters right now. And she was, there, where everything was familiar she cuddled right up to both me and my mom. The other family not so lucky, the one they chose turned out to be a biter and since it's for their young children they were picking another that hopefully was better tempered.

Bella obviously is much more jumpy and less laid back in her new home. It'll take a few weeks to acclimate herself to a new cage and all the new smells. She's fortunately unfazed by Delilah's barking because there was a lot of it that first night. Delilah spent well over an hour barking at the cage after we'd let her smell Bella. She saw Bella come out to eat and then scurry back under her blanket and Delilah just barked and pawed at the cage and wouldn't stop. I actually got some video so I could ask the trainer just to be sure it was "come out and play" barking and not "get the hell out of my house" barking which it was the play one. We think she just can't figure out where Bella is going, Delilah is laying down and sees Bella come out and grab food but by the time Delilah gets to the cage Bella is back under the blanket and Delilah doesn't know where she went so in her pea brain Bella just vanished. Funny thing is, if I take Bella out, Delilah sniffs her and then goes and lays on the other side of the blanket....unless Bella wants to burrow under something, then Delilah will pull it off her. And Casey saw her once, me owed at my mom for food and walked out without getting close so we aren't even going to try for an intro if it's not necessary, it's inviting a problem.

Anyway, here are some pictures we've gotten since she's been home in between being crapped on, because seriously she shits a lot. Kind of like a human baby, she eats, sleeps, and shits...but I can't put a diaper on her.

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1st-Jul-2014 10:31 am - New Pet
winter leaves
Some of you know that my mom and I have been arguing for over a year about getting another pet, we finally compromised (or I wore her down) on a pet that is somewhat interactive but doesn't roam the house, so we are getting a hedgehog.

I chose and paid for her today, and should be picking her up this weekend. I scheduled my choices for available appointments and the breeder will be getting back to me within the next 24 hours with which day/time I have.

I absolutely love hedgehogs, I think they're the most adorable caged pet you can get. I didn't actually think my mom would agree to an exotic but they are legal in Michigan so it wasn't unreasonable. Also not a rodent and not prey for cats or dogs, in fact most cats and dogs won't bother them at all after getting a noise or paw full of quills on their first encounter.

Anyway, here's my soon to be new family member, her birthday is April 14th this year, for those of you that are familiar with them she's an Algerian. Chocolate and Grey now but hasn't had her first anointing yet.

We haven't named her yet...probably because we've owned her for about 20 minutes. But suggestions are also welcome while we try to come up with something before we bring her home so we don't have to call her "the hedgehog" after she's home with us.

Sorry about the picture size. When I tried to use the smaller sizes it didn't post the picture at all.

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9th-May-2014 01:42 am - Photography printing question?
So I told my sister I'd ask and see if anyone knows because she thinks you guys know everything since whenever she has a question I say I'll ask and have an answer in a couple days. :D

For those of you that don't know she's a photographer and her and a couple friends have a small photography business that they're running from Michelle's basement.

Her question is, she always gives her clients, that purchase it, a CD of their proofs or photos depending on what package they're buying. She's always saved the files as .jpg, but she saw on a message board somewhere that .jpg is horrible to give customers. It doesn't enlarge well for printing or something.

She wants to know what she file type is best for her to give them? It has be able to open on any computer and on those one hour and instant photo things at drugstores. And small enough files to put many on a CD.

I have no answer for her because I only know what file types are best for web use. I know nothing about what will print well. I know a few of you are also photographers or are very into photography so I thought I'd take a shot at someone knowing the answer.
30th-Apr-2014 04:46 pm - Charity Walk...
Delilah high-five
I've decided to do the Michigan Humane Society's Mutt March this year. I say I want to every year and always end up not doing it for various reasons. This year I really want to and actually signed up so that I'm now committed to it.

Now what I need is supporters for the walk. My goal is to raise $200 before June 1st (the day of the walk). Probably more than I can do but I can try.

I'd really appreciate anything you can afford to donate to support me in this walk. I don't live in a state that has a lot of no-kill shelters. MHS along with most shelters in the Detroit area do put the animals down and it's happening more and more quickly because of overcrowding and lack of funds (no state funding) so this is really important cause.

My donation page is here if you're able to help out. :D
24th-Apr-2014 11:48 am - Everyone who's site I'm hosting...
winter leaves
If I've already talked to you by email you can disregard this. If I sent you an email previously about your sites appearing to be abandoned and you chose not to respond to me by the deadline I gave you, disregard it because I'm already counting you as abandoned and coming down.

Everyone else...I need to know if you want your site? I need to know TODAY. I'm being inpatient because really you all could've taken two seconds to email me if you don't want your site instead of leaving me paying for and doing maintenance work on sites you don't want.

Simple explanation is that my hosting company is upgrading their Php from 5.2 to 5.4 and when I tried to test upgrade it messed up the site I did it on. Which suggests it's not compatible. That's obviously a problem for ALL of you. However, lilbreck has graciously agreed to look at it and see if she can find a way to make it work, because it should be compatible. This could be easy, it could be a lot of work. And I don't plan on asking her to put a lot of effort into saving sites no one cares about anymore.

If I already know you've abandoned your site it's going to be used to figure out this problem. That's why I need to know ASAP, so we know what we can work with in case it takes multiple sites to figure it out.

If I don't hear from you by the end of the day I'm considering your site abandoned and it's coming down during this whole fixing the sites situation. Because my biggest concern in this whole mess is finding a way to save NHA That's the main reason I'm still paying for hosting so everyone else get in touch or your site is going down so I can figure out how to save my site.
6th-Jan-2014 10:12 am - Photoshop brushes?
winter leaves

Anyone know where I can find photoshop brushes? Big ones, not just icon size.

Right now I specifically need frames. preferable something like maybe a polaroid frame? Or something similar. I'm doing a scrapbook type it maybe doesn't have to be a polaroid but something that would edge all the photos that you might have in a scrapbook?

Maybe the edging with tape?

Or I don't know, any of the million edges that Instagram type apps use I suppose. You get the idea.

I"m going through the resources I remember but that's not many...

Also my dog is an idiot. She keeps staring at me to go out, but won't go out because of the snow...or because she thinks I'm going out with her in 12 inches of snow, not sure which it is.
6th-Jan-2014 09:32 am - rua1412?
winter leaves
rua1412, if you're around and not busy I need some help finding some photoshop brushes...I'm looking for something specific right now though...I'm on chat if you're free. :D
winter leaves
Title: Trust The System
Author: Shannon
Rating: G
Characters Coulson, Ward, Fitz, Skye, Simmons, and May (no pairings)
Disclaimer: If you recognize it it belongs to Marvel, ABC, Joss Whedon…and anyone else involved in this show, but not me.
Spoilers: Definitely “The Hub”, and some more vague spoilers (mostly for Couslon and May) for anything that aired up until “Repairs” is fair game in here.
Beta: The ever wonderful velvetwhip.
Summary: A series of drabbles of everyone’s thoughts during the episode “The Hub”.
Notes: It’s been a very long time since I’ve written anything at all and this fandom, and the Marvel ‘verse as a whole is new to me so I hope everyone likes this.
15th-Dec-2013 12:59 pm - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Fandom?
winter leaves
So I don't know how many of you can actually help with this, may be just spikedluv? But anyone that knows...

Are there any comms out there for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? I know there's a big bang but I'm not there. Not even close. I have some drabbles that I'm going to post later today. I have no idea where this fandom is though...AO3 obviously, but are there comms or anything I can post at? If I have to do Tumblr can someone explain to me how fic posting works there? I don't get fandom on Tumblr. I have a Dreamwidth account to if there're comms there.
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